Buying FaceBook?

How much is Bitcoin worth? A common question asked today in this crytocurrency frenzy age.

According to, Bitcoin has a market cap of USD$241,835,924,114. or just USD$241.83B

Okay, let’s rewind a bit…

It is in other words, how much you would in your bank have if you own 100% of Bitcoin.

So, how rich are you comparatively if you own all bitcoins?

Well, FaceBook currently has a market cap of  USD$545,910,000,000 or USD$545.91B, so you are still unable to take over Mark Zuckerberg 🙁

But you are still rich enough to buy…

Slightly less than 2 McDonald’s Corporation

(market cap of USD$140.57B)

3 Starbucks(Not the drinks…the company!)

(market cap of USD$84.20B)

At least 4 BMW Companies

(market cap of USD$58.60B)

More than 13 Twitter Companies

(market cap of USD$17.95B)

More than 900 Neymar Junior, the current World’s Most Expensive Footballer

(transfer fee of USD$265.14M)


Of course, this does not mean you should rush to start buying Bitcoin now…