Cryptopop takes over the world

Japanese are well known for their courage and willingness to try new ideas even though these ideas are often viewed as queer by other countries.

From their range of *err…* interesting variety shows

to their unique fetishes

you would think that the Japanese have already been outstanding in their creativity and nothing more could surprise you.

Well…Bitcoin enthusiasts, we have something else for you

Move aside AKB-48 and other J-Pop celebrities, we usher in the new Cryptopop!

Virtual Currency Girls, an 8 member girl group based in Japan, was recently set up to teach the public about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each representing a different cryptocurrency that they believe will still exist in the future, these girls are set to debut on Friday, 12 Jan, in Japan.

Payments will only be accepted in cryptocurrency obviously…

Listen to their first song, The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me, down below.